New Beginnings: Expect the Unexpected

I love starting a fresh! There are times throughout the year I feel I can start something new, and they are usually on New Year, my birthday, the beginning of a month, beginning of the week, beginning of a new day… More or less you can start a new anytime of the year. BUT, there is something special about New Year’s Day that makes it feel like a new you’re starting a new book instead of a new chapter.

I haven’t done a New Year resolution in a long time. The past few years a best friend of mine and I write out our visions for the New Year and share them. We get together mid-year to check the temperature of where we are, and also at the end of the year to see if we’ve seen answered prayers to our visions for that year. This coming week I’m hoping to sit and reflect on my visions from last year, take some time to pray and meditate on my visions for the 2017. The best part of doing a vision list with a friend is looking back and being able to testify how The Lord has blessed you, and for the things on the list you haven’t seen much movement, there is someone else’s perspective to help you see how The Lord has moved in that space.

As I walk into 2017, I feel the word for the year is expect the unexpected. I am looking forward to how The Lord is going to blow away far above my expectations for the year with new adventures, new relationships, new visions, teaching me to live in the moments He has created (this will be hard because I’m a planner and love to constantly be planning next steps), and of course blogging as I go through this year.

If you read my health and wellness posts (there is only one at the moment), I’ll keep you tuned into my health goals for the year (This year I’m going to try and actually listen to my body, know what is good and what I need to eliminate).

Let me know if you are planning to write a vision list for 2017, and share one thing on it! Something that will be on mine is spending more alone time with God and getting to know more about His heart for His children.

Here’s to a New Year!!!!!

With love,