One Step at a Time

There is still time to enter the GIVEAWAY from last week, the deadline to enter is February 20th.

Have you ever had a big grandiose vision, dream and/or idea? Something you can’t wait to hit the pavement running and get the creative juices flowing? And then, all of a sudden, you hit the wall of reality that smacks you with all the nuanced details and steps you need to follow to get there? Then in response you curl up in a ball and think “never mind, I’m just going to take a nap”? Well, this happens to me a lot because I’m a big picture person (I’m really type B), and all the details can be a bit overwhelming.

I started this blog in October 2016 to help encourage people with my stories of how The Lord is working on me. It’s a place where readers know they’re not the only ones who walk through difficult seasons, and enjoy the occasional ratchet song. I have a vision that my blog will be an open and safe community to have discussions with readers and to encourage each other. My page would be really pretty and my images would be on fleek!

WELL!!!!!! I didn’t realize there is more to blogging than just typing and coming up with a blog name. There have been many little steps taken to try and improve my site since it launched; from changing the way my blog page looks, to switching from photos to graphic design, and working on a logo (still in the process). I have a lot of amazing friends who have helped, and are currently helping me with creating what I see in my head (which is a cluster of randomness, epidemiology and gummy bears). There are times when I realize I’m still at the humble beginnings of a big vision, and it can be overwhelming when I have to see how much more I have to do. In these moments I need to learn to look back and see what I have already accomplished and keep moving forward. I love writing these posts, and as long as at least one person is enjoying them, I will continue to write.

I do need to be more consistent with posting, and writers block seems to come with the territory of being a content creator. If there is a week I don’t post, I’m so sorry, I probably have mushy brain from watching too much Gossip Girl (yes, I’m still Netflixing it). With all this said, YOU the readers make all the little steps bearable, and I will continue to try to give you the best that I can in the step that I am in. So stay tuned to the revamping of my website (I want it to be pretty and sparkly… who else out there loves gold polka dots), logo, incredible guest bloggers, and much much more!!!!!!!

If you are a type A person, I welcome all advice on how to map out big ideas better, and if you’re a type B person who is walking this or has figured it out, I’ll take your advice too.

With love,


P.S. I need to thank my friend Kebah for taking risks in graphic design to see my vision to true!!! LOVE YOU!