Little Steps: February Update

I was planning on writing an update in February, but it was a crazy short month. I’m telling you, I blinked and the month was completely over. I wanted to take the time and summarize how my year of health and wellness is going since I’ve started in January. There are some successes, and others are a working progress (i.e. I ate a whole bag of Twizzlers on Friday).

My February updates include:

  • The goal I had to wake up at 4:30am to workout, blog, and accomplish things that I wasn’t able to do after work. Well, I’ll tell you that my alarm still goes off at 4:30am, but I usually don’t slide out of bed until around 5:50am, and by that time it’s too late to do anything but contemplate why I’m awake and why it’s still winter. I know there are no excuses, but it’s been too dang cold to run! I will admit that 32°F/0°C is my limit for running outside! I will try and get back to my 4:30am mornings when I get back from my vacation to the Bahamas!
  • I haven’t really picked up the book The Elimination Diet” in a while because I’ve just been so tired this past month. I did have the stomach flu in February, so I technically eliminated a lot, but in regards to finishing the book, I’m planning on bringing it with me on my vacation because I think I’ll have a lot of free time as I sail towards better weather.
  • One thing I have been keeping up with is the Bible in One Year. I love the 20 minutes I get to spend listening to the devotion and The Word. There are times that I’m passive listening, but I do catch on to what I need to hear. And I will also say it is a great way to either start or end my long days.

We’re only in the first quarter of the year, and all in all I think I’m doing relatively well. A health-related activity I did add that I now enjoy doing is flossing daily. I used to hate flossing, but after seeing my dentist and being scolded (also having two cavities), I finally decided to embrace more than just brushing. With that being said, if you don’t floss daily, add it to your routine. It’s worth not suffering through your check-up!

One HUGE announcement and something that I’m excited to share (and is more interesting than flossing) is that I started Pilates Teacher Training with Club Pilates. I’ve only had two in class sessions, but I love it so far. I enjoy the online modules and being able to continue my education outside the live classes. Since I’m missing out on the reformer lessons in March (because of my vacation), I’ll have to make up those classes in September. I’m hoping to become fully certified by October and start teaching and sharing what I love.

Hope you enjoyed the updates! Please let me know what yearly goals/theme you’re excited to work towards and how it’s going thus far. And if you haven’t set one up, it’s never too late!

With love,