AND… Nope!

In case you haven’t had the chance, there is still time to enter the GIVEAWAY from last week, the deadline to enter is February 20th.

In my first Health and Wellness post I said there are three categories I’m working on this year. I wanted to give you an update on where I am in my marathon training (or lack thereof), healthy eating, and using essential oils.

Marathon training

This year one of my goals was to train for the Rock n Roll Marathon in March. Due to ankle issues, I had decided to train for the half. Well, this has officially changed. Due to traveling, pure laziness and the fact that I hate winter training (aka the wind), I have decided not to run at all (funny thing is the weather has been quite nice in the DC area this week). I did feel really guilty about not running a race that I paid for, but after talking to a fellow running friend, I realized it’s okay to back down. This wasn’t an easy decision, because I don’t like giving up, but hey, sometimes it’s nope!

On another note, I’m still registered to run the trail Ragnar in April; so this means I still have to train for something (I have to slap on my lip balm and go out into the elements). I need words of encouragement, cause it is not happening.

Healthy eating

On the whole healthy eating adventure, let’s just say I traveled a lot in January (just recently returned from California). I did eat a couple salads while in California, which is more than usual when I’m traveling. Also my CSA application is now open for this coming up year, so there are vegetables in my future. More or less I will get on the ball one day, but that day is not today (I currently see pizza in my near future)! I am excited to report that I am taking my vitamins daily, and I see my nails growing like crazy (constantly cutting them).

If you have links to delicious, healthy, fast recipes, please share. I still can’t stand cooking, but I need to motivate myself somehow!

Essential oils

This is the one thing I am incorporating into my daily routine (besides flossing daily) and seeing results. The biggest difference is how my skin is doing; I’m not breaking out as much and I’m finally seeing my acne scars starting to fade away. I will include that I do get by-monthly facials from Faye which is also helping. I also have not been sick this year (except a bout of food poisoning) which is HUGE. I’m someone who gets sick every year and so far I am good. This is incredible because I am hanging around more kids (I love kids, but they are incubators of disease and germs), and have been guarded from EVERYTHING!!!! So yeah, I will continue to use them, and keep you in the loop on how it’s going.

If you have oils you love or diffuser combinations I should try, please let me know.

With love,